The Waimanu Valley is surrounded by large beautiful waterfalls that line the valley walls. Hiking to these falls are great day hikes from the camping area.  Some of the falls in the area are:

  • Wai’ilikahi Falls (approximately 1.5 miles from camp)
  • Kaka’auki Falls (approximately 2 miles)
  • Lahomene Falls (approximately 2.5 miles)
  • Waihulu Falls (approximately 3 miles) Waimanu Falls is located at the headwall of the amphitheater on the west side of the valley. On the way, you’ll pass Wai’ilikahi Falls, Kakaauki Falls, and Lahomene Falls, each well over a thousand feet in height.  Waimanu Falls consists of three impossibly tall and slender threads of white water veiling down a tremendous cliff covered in lush green vegetation. The wall of the amphitheater is approximately 2600′ (792m) tall according to the USGS topographical maps of the area.
Waimanu Valley Falls
The many falls around Waimanu Valley (Credit: David Chatsuthiphan)
Wai’ilikahi Falls
Wai’ilikahi Falls
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